Save-worthy B+w's From Twitter

Inspiration sans the color.
  1. In a word: Beautiful.
  2. Intriguing.
  3. I'm a sucker for selective focus.
  4. Shooting through wet glass is always interesting.
  5. Probably my favorite Sally Mann.
  6. Woodstock, before the rain.
  7. Great moment captured.
  8. When done right, it looks like this.
  9. Priceless.
  10. Artsy. Just go with it.
  11. That eye! So amazing.
  12. Foreground, middle ground, background- Each going in separate direction.
  13. Slice of life, with feeling.
  14. I just like it.
  15. Meryl. So young. So beautiful.
  16. Love the reflective light on her face.
  17. Makes me want to travel.
  18. Don't overthink it.
  19. The lighting is gorgeous.