007 goes to at least three super cool places per movie. this is where i would go in MY james bond movie
  1. London, England
    gotta drop in on MI6 to pick up my fancy spy gear
  2. Tulum, Mexico
    ill have a paddleboard chase with the villains henchmen at high tide, a slo mo strut across the sand, and some flirting at the swim up tiki bar (mai tai shaken not stirred!)
  3. Cannes, France
    perfect for a scenic car chase scene, a black tie party where i carry a tiny gun in my clutch, and kissing the cutest henchman. at some point im captured, have a snappy convo with the villain, and obvi escape in a clever way
  4. New York, New York
    location of the opening scene where im wrapping up my previous case. ill narrowly escape death and will majorly disrupt traffic/destroy a food truck/ run over joggers in central park
  5. Savannah, Georgia
    ill be relaxing with a mimosa at the end of the movie when another villian contacts me in an elaborate way. oh no, another dangerous case/glamorous series of vacations!