after making this list its clear season 2 is my fav season
  1. christmas party sex trap
    best moments: dannys dance, wine bra, monticello, mindy throwing the christmas tree off the roof
  2. weiner night
    best moments: "thats too vivid", airplane flirting, mrs ferguson calling 911
  3. danny castellano is my personal trainer
    best moments: sweat resistant rhinestones, dannys watch, owly and the towely, icabod jones, fat steps ultra wide
  4. youve got sext
    best moments: contents of mindys purse, danny and mindy hugging, scrabble, danny making breakfast, ass model, 😉= emoji porn
  5. danny and mindy
    best moments: nyc montage, mindy sending her underwear to a rando, the empire state building kiss, bruce springsteen, "sent from my iphone, which i have"