Here is a list of academic phrases found in just ONE PAGE of a book I am reading for class. The field of media and communications is really big on made-up buzzwords. What are your most eye-roll-inducing academic phrases?
  1. Discursive spaces
    This is a fancy way of labeling something as a context for conversation.
  2. Neoliberal subjectivity
    Literally I don't know what this means, but I've used it in a bunch of papers.
  3. Neoliberal selfhood
    See above.
  4. A world of hybridized/fused identities
    Cultural globalization or something
  5. Imbricated
    This just means layered or overlapping.
  6. The autonomous, bounded self
    This was almost the title of a Destiny's Child song, but Beyonce's daddy though Independent Women, Pt. 1 was a little catchier.
  7. Detraditionalization of the self
  8. An intersubjective construction of selfhood
    More buzzwords, you ask? Why, yes.
  9. Connective selving
    OMG WHY didn't I pick a real major