Merry #draftmas, y'all. If you don't accidentally say aww out loud you should gtfo. Trying to give creds where possible, but many of these were screen shotted drunkenly at 3am so source is unknown.
  1. Sombrero pup!!!
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    I transform into this exact pup after 4 shots of Cuervo. Not sure whose dog this is, but taken from puppystagrams.
  2. Mealtime pup!!!
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    Jinkee is ready for his 6 course meal. Lifeofjinkee is 😍
  3. Santa pup!!!
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    In honor of draftmas 🎅🏼
  4. Reindeer pup!!!
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    Tis the season, after all
  5. Twin pups!!
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    Upcoming list: script for a remake of the Parent Trap staring these two puppers.
  6. Twin pups fluff edition!!
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    I saw aww out loud every time.
  7. Model pup!!
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    Lienjp is the coco rocha of dogs.
  8. Sink pup!!
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    This dog is named Bob Marley and he is about to be v clean. Bob_marley_goldenretriever
  9. Giggle pup!!
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    Holy wrinkles, Batman! Follow Compton_ttb
  10. Walk pup!!
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    This beagle is ready to go on a life changing adventure. Faya_the_dutch_beagle
  11. Not-a-pup pup!!
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    This is a polar bear but it deserves a spot.
  12. Friend pups!!
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    These friend pups are hilariously mismatched in size, which is a definitive sign of a meaningful friendship. Obviously.
  13. Stick pup!!
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    Stick pup loves stick.