Thanks to Pinterest, I finally know how to take care of my hooha after 21 years of ownership! I have read exactly 0 of these lists.
  1. 11 Subtle Tampon Mistakes You're Probably Making
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    To be fair, the diagrams on the box are pretty inaccurate. So I suppose this list could be mildly helpful. But there's no way it needs more than like 2-3 suggestions.
  2. 7 Vaginal Hygiene Mistakes
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    Maybe that wall is freshly painted? And mistakes 1-7 have to do with with wearing underwear that has wet paint on it?
  3. 5 Ways You Might Be Hurting Your Lady Parts
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    This model is definitely super grateful for this advice. Also, "lady parts".
  4. How to Tell if You're Normal Down There
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    Step 1. Have weird photo shoot in your house
  5. 9 Period Mistakes You're Probably Making
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    You are right! I AM probably making these mistakes! I am an idiot!
  6. 7 Things You Need to Know About Vaginas
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    Look at this woman. Look at her smug face. I bet she knows at least 9 things about vaginas.