My New Years resolution is to stop reading the comments on public Facebook posts. It makes me so angry every time. But it hurts so good! Here are some of the classics.
  1. "So only white people can be racist?? That's discrimination against white people"
    Also: "all lives matter"; "why do they always have to make it about race"
  2. "Who cares!!"
    I mean, 654k people shared the post.
  3. "Stop giving these stupid whores attention"
    Every single time the Kardashian family is mentioned on the Internet. People are SO mad about the Kardashians. Why??? Also: "Kartrashians"
  4. "Feminazi"
    There are plenty of people with valid concerns about the strategies of today's feminist movement. These are not those people. Feminism has its faults (future list topic?), but it is my personal opinion that those faults are not reason enough to equate it to a genocidal regime.
  5. "There's a [natural disaster/poverty crisis/mass shooting] going on, and THIS is what you're focusing on??"
    This comes up almost exclusively on posts from pop culture/gossip/fashion/entertainment publications. Also often when the publications HAVE already reported on the tragic event.
  6. "Freedom of speech!"
    I am truly astounded by the sheer number of people that do not know what this means. Gonna start a Kickstarter to mail a pocket constitution to every person who uses this to defend their racist comments on a video of children singing.