I have changed my name on the List App because LIST APP HAS BETRAYED ME
  1. I'm applying to some internships right now and my mom is nosy af so she googled me to see what prospective employers might see
    At least she cares
  2. If you recall, I recently posted a list that was NOT very mom-friendly
    Now deleted. Something to do with my ex and an embarrassing situation.
  3. I received this email from her
    E8b353de 695f 4e91 89cc c16983ad0ac0
    "Don't mean to... Embarrass you" WELL, YOU HAVE.
  4. Sure enough, googled myself and my list titled "LAST NIGHTS SHAMEFUL EXPERIENCE" popped up on the first page of results
  5. I'm not sure why I thought it wouldn't show up when I wrote it originally, since I'm VERY wary on all my other social media about this google situation
    This is v much my fault 😔
  6. Anyway, I changed my name so hopefully prospective employers and my mom can't find me here anymore.