A weird number of these are just tv characters?
  1. An artist
    By the age of 4, my work was on display in private galleries* across the country (*my living room and my grandmas living room)
  2. An Olympic figure skater
    My mom shelled out thousands of dollars for skating lessons for about 6 years. I performed in two shows at the age of 13, and then I retired.
  3. Fashion designer
    This was a reach.
  4. Broadway actress
    Middle school was a delusional time for me. I am actively terrible at acting.
  5. Artist (again)
    Some dreams are just hard to let go of. At least this time around I had actually displayed some talent.
  6. Don Draper
  7. Peggy Olson
    Because this is an obvious progression from the previous item.
  8. Samantha from SATC
    She made PR look super glam. It's not.
  9. Marketing guru/still Peggy Olson
    Waiting for the right moment to walk out of my office wearing sunglasses, cigarette in mouth, sexy octopus painting in tow.