Albums that changed my life

Maybe not life changing per se...but those that stand out as solid memories from different points in my life...I'm sure many more will be added
  1. Mini Pops- the beginning of kidz bop and music now
    This was the BEST! Got it for Christmas one year and I loved singing along with video killed the radio star
  2. Mom was not thrilled
    First album I purchased with my own money
  3. Again mom was not thrilled
    I clearly remember being at the mall with my mom and aunt when this was purchased and got scolded on the title
  4. What can I say I'm from a small town
    Soundtrack of every bonfire after football games
  5. Great movie
    This was my parents influence for sure and I ended up having this on vinyl, cassette and CD. Still love it
  6. Beasties!
    First of many, they hold more memories than any other band for me for sure.
  7. Cruisin down the street in my '64
    Friends older brother made us a copy on cassette that we passed around to listen to on our Walkmans in junior high. Yikes. Lots of lessons in life from this album! Still have it.
  8. Too much trippin and my souls worn thin
    Have seen them in concert 4 times and loved every one. High school fav for sure.
  9. Ironically good make out music
    Some sexy songs on here, you know war, death...
  10. Again with the making out
    This was a college staple
  11. Amazing
    Realizing this list is in no way chronological now as originally intended....This album(s) was an amazing feat to a junior high girl craving sound. Not to mention the high point of MTV's video craze. GnR yielded some awesome videos
  12. 311's got the boom y'all
    Literally the soundtrack of my life. I've seen them every year since I was 19 with the exception of 2. Just went to my first 311 Day show in March (3/11-12 in New Orleans). This band still has more energy, feel good vibes than most. It has been a pleasure to grow up with these boys!