Reasons why I'm grateful today...
  1. Working in aviation has afforded me friends all over the place with lotsa perks
  2. Above mentioned perk, flying first class today to DFW for free
  3. Going to see a good friend today who's 5yr old son is quickly losing his 4yr battle with cancer
  4. Wanting to see him and be of some comfort to her but couldn't afford to go right now so a mutual girlfriend (flight attendant) gave me her airline miles to be able to go see my friend at this very sad time.
  5. My boyfriend; I'm grateful to him for staying over to take me to the airport at 0430 this morning to make this flight.
  6. To the longest TSA line I have ever seen in my years of traveling just seemed to fade away in a smooth orderly fashion before my eyes.
  7. Grateful for the humanity of others and a good morning smile while everyone hustles through the airport.
  8. Grateful for leg room, a blanket and a pleasant seat mate.
  9. See this list wasn't about first class seats after all but first class friends who recognized how important it was for me to just "be there" today.