Painful things I have personally experienced that hurt LESS than hair threading
  1. Childbirth
    And no I didn't have an easy show up and push the baby out in 10mins type of labor. I had the full on 21hr, baby stuck, flip her over "manually" twice, back labor, arm stuck above her head, two hours of post stitches, allergic reaction to my own amniotic fluid giving me a 104 temp at delivery time kinda birth. Still hurt less.
  2. Kidney Stones
    Ah yes. Youngest person at my local hospital to pass one at barely 15yrs old and have passed over 200 since to now my ripe old age of 39. Yep still hurt less.
  3. Tattoos
    I have ten. One took ironically as long as my childbirth; 21hrs over 5 sittings and covers my entire back. Fell asleep twice, was told I "sit better" than any customer he's had. I can handle some pain. See pic. And you guessed it, still hurt less.
  4. Electrocution
    As a teen, sneaking around on a farm to party with friends we accidentally got into a cow pasture in the dark. When they started to chase us we ran and I jumped an electric fence (in wet grass) which I cleared with the exception of my back ankle that caught the fence and literally flipped me into a cartwheel in the air and down a large embankment. Left with a tiny burn...but again still hurt less.
  5. This ad cannot be real
    That pleasant look on her face is not realistic. I left with my tears welled up in my eyes and a red splotchiness akin to Freddy Krueger's complexion.
  6. End Result
    All in all a day later I am happy with the end result and it did take less than me a masochist but yeah I'll do it again 😉