What I was up to in my 40th year

Things that have happened since my last post...
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    I turned 40! Yay.....never cared about my age, you're only as old as you feel, or so they say. But I needed to start feeling better about ME to make 40 fabulous 😍
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    40th birthday trip to San Francisco on the boat to Alcatraz
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    In my 40th year...my parents got divorced after 42yrs of marriage and suddenly the child became the parent. It wasn't turning 40 that made me finally grow up...As dumbs as that sounds at 40, it was seeing my mother so hurt and vulnerable that made me finally grow up to help care for her during this difficult transitional time for our family.
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    With 40 came a new job! I moved into a role that I never could've dreamt up for myself that has become everything I never knew that I wanted. I get to work from home, and travel for work, it truly is what I've worked so hard for years to achieve finally coming to fruition.
    Attending the Art Basel event in Miami for work
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    My 40th Christmas. I took my mom to NYC with me for our annual sales meeting in December, for her birthday and first time in NYC. We got to see the city decorated, the tree in Rockefeller center and even caught the Rockettes show.
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    Rockettes early December
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    In my 40th year my baby turned 11yrs old. 😢 She's such a joy and always the light in my life. I truly adore her.
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    My baby girl
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    My 40th year has now moved into 2017 and I'm starting the year 10lbs lighter since I bit the bullet and signed up with a coach in late December and honestly have been loving every minute of it! In 4wks time, I've lost 10lbs and 5in in my hips and waist. I'm 6wks into an 8wk program and excited to see how I finish up! I WILL be fit at 40!!!
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    I am finally finished renting at 40! I'm in contract on a new house, set to close on 1/31. This was a major goal for me for this year! As my daughter will move into middle school, I wanted a place big enough to have sleepovers and really decorate and make it our own. We both cannot wait to get settled in!!!
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    In my quest to be "40 and fabulous", as the saying goes, I have discovered a new lipstick called Lipsense and I'm obsessed! No I'm not selling it, or a pusher but seriously check it out. It's kiss proof, lip prints on your coffee cup proof, and looks great ALL DAY LONG.
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    Yes this is me, and my kiss proof lipstick, and no you may not steal this image of my smile for a Colgate ad😉
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    It's only January and I have plenty of time to live it up in my 40th year...well until I turn 41 in August. I'm heading to Nashville this weekend and plan to travel once a month this year. Whether it's for business, or pleasure, it's always a pleasure in my opinion to see someplace new. Happy 40th to me! 😘✌🏼️