1. When my bus driver was a homie
    I thought I had a bus ticket but I actually ran out so the driver said "hey man it's chill it's Friday we all have parties to get to"... I agreed and said thank you acting like I was actually going to a party and was a cool kid but in reality I was going to my tutor because math :(.
  2. When a child face planted on the bus
    Not gonna lie I laughed extremely loud but I felt bad and gave her my seat. The ride consisted of me doing a sub par job of holding in my laughter and dirty looks from others on the bus.
  3. When a stranger would not stop sleeping on my shoulder
    Every time the bus slightly turned right his head would just magically end up on my shoulder...for the whole ride. It was weird but hey it made a great snapchat story 👌.
  4. Getting told to go back to your own country when in fact I was born here in Canada
    So the guy was drunk out of his mind and had a full flask in his pocket so when I told him he said "ooooohhhh word...wanna sip?"
  5. When a grown mans ringtone was Super Bass by Nicki Minaj
    No joke it was fantastic