(I really still can't believe this happened and have watched the video more times than I can count. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SBf4DCpL1Q4)
  1. Oh man, they're playing my song!
  2. I can't believe it.
  3. This is so catchy!
  4. Who doesn't love this song?!?!?
  5. What's it called?
  6. America?
  7. No.
  8. This Land Is Your Land?
  9. That's it!
  10. So good.
  11. Why is no one dancing?
  12. How can you not dance to this jam?
  13. Really, this whole event has been a downer.
  14. So depressing!
  15. You would think this was a funeral or something.
  16. That's it, let's liven things up!
  17. I'm going to get this party started!
  18. I've got my First Ladies on my left and right!
  19. Oh yeah! Woo!!
  20. Swing those arms with me girls, let's do this!
  21. There we go. Now we're cooking!
  22. Come on girls, try to keep up!
  23. Don't be buzzkills, now. Geez Louise!
  24. I can't carry this whole show by myself!
  25. God, this is so catchy!
  26. I'm getting lost in the music!
  27. This moment is everything!
  28. Take it to the bridge!
  29. Yes!
  30. Here comes the chorus!
  31. "Oh yeah, Michelle! I know you're feeling this."
  32. Michelle: "What are you doing there George?"
  33. "Laura, come with me!"
  34. Laura: "George! What in the damn hell are you doing?!?"
  35. "What? You guys are acting like we're at a funeral or something. Loosen up."
  36. Laura: "WE ARE AT A FUNERAL! We talked about this literally five minutes ago."
  37. "Oh right."
  38. Yes, of course.
  39. That explains it.
  40. Very sad.
  41. Keep smiling, maybe no one will notice.
  42. Really, I'm just happy to be off the ranch...it gets really lonely out there not being President.
  43. Keep smiling.
  44. Keep smiling!