...how people sat idly, just living their lives while segregation was law, while people of color were being degraded and murdered. You know, way back in the 1950s and 60s.
  1. Now I get it
  2. Because that's exactly what I have been doing
  3. Because all of that is still happening
  4. And it never stopped happening
  5. But when you are wrapped in privilege, it is more expedient to ignore it
  6. You can easily reach the point where you convince yourself that it is the past and now we are better
  7. But you know it's not true
  8. Deep down, you know it's not true
  9. Because you hear people talk
  10. People you like or even love
  11. You hear them say things
  12. Things that make your stomach churn and your skin crawl
  13. But you keep silent
  14. Because silence is easy
  15. Silence is safe
  16. You don't want to cause trouble
  17. But silence can be trouble
  18. Actually, silence is the real trouble
  19. Remember all those people from way back when?
  20. The ones you judge so harshly?
  21. They were silent
  22. And so are you
  23. And now you are one of them
  24. But, really, you always have been
  25. And you've always known it
  26. You just didn't want to see
  27. It's time for the silence to end, I have enough blood on my hands already
  28. #BlackLivesMatter