1. Are you feeling down?
  2. Has the continuous flood of horrible news sent you into a spiral of despair?
    Orlando, Dallas, Nice, Turkey, Brexit, police shootings, Baton Rouge, Election 2016, etc.
  3. And on top of all that, is even the celebrity gossip just annoying you rather than entertaining you?
    Thanks Taylor, Kim, and Kanye!
  4. I know how you feel. When I woke up this morning, I was pretty much ready to crawl back into bed...and just stay there until further notice
  5. But I got up!
  6. And then I remembered the RNC starts tonight and everyone is allowed to carry guns on the streets there
  7. So I was like, Welp, is that crawling back in bed thing still on the table?
  8. But, lucky for me, I have kids that need taking care of
  9. And some work to do
  10. And some lists to write
  11. So I had to continue on like a real trooper
  12. And then I stopped by my mom's house and I saw something that really inspired me
  13. Maybe it will help you too?
  14. It's a picture of a squirrel
  15. Get ready...
  16. Static
  17. So remember, if you're feeling hopeless and ready to give up, never forget that you can do anything you put your mind to
  18. And now I have to go because I have a bird feeder pole to grease up with olive oil
  19. I'm going to turn that bad boy into a freakin squirrel Slip 'N Slide
  20. #inspirational