I have long believed Will and Kate would really get on well with me and my wife because we have so much in common...So guys, if you read this, please submit your couples bff application to your local authority.
  1. They are the future King and Queen of England; we’ve been to England!
  2. They are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; we’ve lived in Cambridge!
  3. They have two kids; we had two kids for awhile, but now we have three!
    Come on, guys. Please try to keep pace.
  4. They announced the birth of their children on an easel outside a palace; we announced the birth of our children…well, not on an easel. But if we happen to have another one, we’re totally doing that because it’s awesome!
    Of course we’re not having another one…unless Will and Kate have two more, then we’ll see.
  5. They announce the birth of a child and a whole country celebrates; we announce the birth of a child and we get at least 50 likes on Facebook!
  6. Will has a receding hair line; I don’t really have a receding hair line!
    I know that's not a thing in common, but I just wanted to point it out.
  7. One of their favorite hobbies is supposedly walking; we don't really like walking that much, but we're willing to compromise!
  8. Kate's wedding dress had a train that was 2.7 meters long; my wife also had a wedding dress!
    By the way, how much is a meter?
  9. They met at the University of St. Andrews; we met online on this Facebook app that was kind of the forerunner to Tinder, but we did later go to St. Andrews once!
  10. The birth of their children allegedly boosts the UK economy; the birth of our children boosts revenues at the Target and Starbucks nearest our house!
  11. They have a daughter named Charlotte Elizabeth; we have a niece named Charlotte Elizabeth!
  12. See you soon! ❤️ 🍻