Some of my 2-year-old's favorite activities

  1. Opening doors by himself
  2. Pressing elevator buttons
  3. Getting his way
  4. Sitting on my head
  5. Wandering around in restaurants
  6. Opening and closing the garage door
  7. Getting a water cup at Panera by himself. Having me lift him up to fill the cup with water by himself. Getting a top and straw by himself. Repeating 17 times.
  8. Having a relatively loose definition of "by himself"
  9. Threatening to put his older brother in timeout
  10. Feeling the baby
  11. Saying no
  12. Watching Robots movie at least three times a day
  13. Waving goodbye to friends, relatives, and casual acquaintances
  14. Browsing through iPhone photo galleries
  15. Walking up and down steps in the swimming pool
  16. Walking up and down steps in general
  17. Microwaving his food because it's too hot
  18. Serving as de facto dictator of our household