1. Husband: Hey, hot stuff. How about we send the kids outside to play and...you know?
  2. Wife: Look at our phones in peace?
  3. Husband: Exactly
  4. Wife: Hot
  5. ——-
  6. Husband: Hey...what are you wearing?
  7. Wife: Pajama pants and a tank top with spit up on it
  8. Husband: The pants with the conveniently located holes?
  9. Wife: Yup
  10. Husband: Hot
  11. ——-
  12. Wife (from bedroom): Want to do it?
  13. Husband (from living room): Yes
  14. Wife: You didn't really have to answer. You could've just come in here.
  15. Husband: Oh. You meant now?
  16. Wife: Um yes.
  17. Husband: Right. On my way.
  18. Wife: You're literally 12 steps away. Again, you really don't have to answer.
  19. Husband: Right, sorry. Leaving now.
  20. Wife: 😡
  21. Husband: What's that mean?
  22. Wife: Forget it.
  23. Husband: Forget what?
  24. Wife: It
  25. Husband: What were we talking about?
  26. Wife: 😈
  27. Husband: Oh yeah, what are you wearing?