1. I let my boyfriend cum on my sunburn
    Letting a boy cum on your chest to treat a bad sunburn will not fix it. In fact don't even try. In fact don't ever expose your chest to the sun or cum (just kidding always expose your chest to cum)
  2. My two fat cats are bitches and only tolerate me because I feed them
    This is self explanatory. Staisu and Harold if you are reading this I love you but please stop attacking me.
  3. How is it possible to be so happy yet so sad at the same time??
  4. Everyone my age is either getting married or really loves heroin
    I'm ok with living with my boyfriend and two cats though. Being 24 I'm happy with these decisions
  5. I'm still at a job I hate
    It's crazy but I hate most jobs!!! Who's going to hire me