I should probably start doing this shit right now
  1. Drinking red wine
    Ok so im p sure that past the age of 20 no one should be drinking franzia. But here i am at the cool age of 22 still slapping the bag. Maybe once i enter my 30s ill enjoy a nice refreshing gross class of red wine that taste like dirt
  2. Eating at fancy restaurants
    I still get mildly offended when a place doesnt serve chicken fingers or quesadillas for a dinner option. Like do you think youre too good for chicken fingers?? That being said tho lets hope i start liking fancy places soon
  3. Not getting drunk at parties
    Not gonna lie I still get shitfaced at most events that I attend. But im a functional drunk that never pukes in public or involuntary. With that being said tho im sure if I was to get shitfaced at every event that I went to after 35 people would just call it alcoholism.
  4. Putting my clothes into a hamper
    Alright so i never put my worn clothes into a hamper i just leave them on the floor. This is gross and gets out of hand sometimes. Lets all pray that once i hit my 30s i learn how to put clothes into a hamper