1. Learning that these were someone's parents.
    Not just any someone, but Jed Jenkin's! His dad set out to walk across America during the Vietnam war. First stop on his 5 year journey was Washington D.C., home to National Geographic headquarters. He asked Nat Geo for a camera to document his journey; and they gave him one! Just goes to show that 1) never be afraid to ask 2) each failure is a chance to start something new (why fear failing if you have nothing to lose?!) and 3) we end up being more like our parents than we sometimes realize
  2. Researching Thailand bc I wanna go there
    and or Nepal. I really wanna just earn money to travel :-)
  3. And then realizing that if I don't get a job anywhere, then I'll just Au Pair for awhile abroad! Why not?!
    Clean sleight!
  4. Or I could be a flight attendant
    Sorry mom and dad
  5. Deleting social media
    More time for me and this appy :-)
  6. Father Mike Schmidts
    This one's probably not so ordinary but still noteworthy for smiles
  7. Fox and The Hound w/ some long time and new friends
    Cheers to $2 beers on Thursday's & great company
  8. Getting my first (and hopefully not last) job offer!!!!!
    Wait I'm sorry what?! A REAL company REALLY wants me, for REAL???!
  9. Friday's off of work bc RING DAY !!!!!
  10. RING DAY!!!
    Getting my ring before spring heyooooo
  11. Doughnuts & kolaches at 7am w/ the roomies
    bc it's never a bad time for sugar and caffeine