Things I'm into this week

  1. Allied
    WWII. Spies. Brad Pitt. This movie excels all around
  2. Making Oprah
    This is a podcast I haven't listened to yet but stumbled upon. Note to future self: Give it a listen!!!!
  3. Remarkable Lives; Tragic Deaths
    Kinda cheesy podcast but some interesting and inspiring people
  4. Salsa
    Currently putting it on everything rn
  5. Scrabble, Nannagrams, etc, etc
    I need to learn more words.......
  6. Practicing presentations
    After giving 2 this week this proved to be v v v helpful and I want to remember to actually practice again next time. Also would much rather do this than take a test.
  7. Sleep
    Essential to good mental health
    Okay first excellent script and second this girl is adorable and British and only 12 and has a rockin name. She's all around fab and I can't express this enough.