1. Not telling us what size drink you want.
  2. Stop coaching me on how to make your drink.
  3. We ask you if you want room for cream. Please don't pour your coffee in the garbage can it makes a mess.
  4. Not telling us if you want your drink hot or iced.
  5. We're not putting creamer in your coffee. We have a condiment bar for a reason. (Unless it's soy or coconut)
  6. Launching into long complicated orders with multiple drinks without letting us catch up.
  7. Is this my drink? Is your name Bob? No it's not your drink.
  8. Telling us we made your drink wrong when we're not making your drink.
    No this doesn't have soy milk because this is not your drink.
  9. Questioning our abilities.
    Unless you want to step behind the counter and make your own drink stop questioning how your drink is made. We know how to make your drink better than you do.
  10. Coming in and ordering 10 drinks 5 minutes before close.
    Just because we close at 9 doesn't mean that's when we leave. Sometimes we stay 30-45 minutes after close getting ready for the next day. The sooner you leave the sooner we get to go home.
  11. When you ask for your coffee to be pushed to the front of the line.
    Unfortunately we can't do that. We will do everything we can to get your drink out as fast as possible. It's not our fault you're running late.
  12. Please don't order from the secret menu and expect us to know the recipe.
    Just because there is a secret menu doesn't mean we know everything on it.
  13. Disrespect
    We're humans and we make mistakes. Please don't disrespect your baristas. We are more then willing to remake your drink or grab your pastry if we forget. Just be a little understanding and patient. Thank you :)