Spending a week in the Nicaraguan Tolas--here's my observations/recommendations this far. Feel free to add
  1. Observe leatherback turtles laying eggs on the beaches = amazing
  2. Help hotel ecology staff find new baby turtles to release in to the ocean
  3. Look in to the crater of Volcano Masaya--an active volcano where the Aztecs and Nihau people performed human sacrifice
  4. Visit the colonial capital of Granada; it looks like...a colonial Spanish city, down to the brightly colored churches and central square; good food options though and good for a rainy day when the beaches are out
  5. Swim in the natural pools and springs on the island of Omatepe; if a new cross continental canal project goes through in Nicaragua, it will most likely destroy Omatepe
  6. Hang out in San Juan del Sur--good shopping, restaurants, chill vibe; perfect while you're in the surf/yoga atmosphere of the Tolas