1. I'm an Aquarius
  2. I love snakes
  3. I've never eaten a pear
    Heard they taste like sand
  4. I hate cows
  5. I have an irrational fear of pregnant women
  6. I used to do theatrical fencing
  7. Cuba Gooding Jr. signed my shoe at a car wash when I was 10
  8. I've never seen Casablanca
    Stop asking
  9. I went on a Tinder date once
    Great guy, really into film and good poetry. He walked me to my car after dinner and I never saw him again. Sometimes I still think of him.
  10. I love Rush
  11. I want to have a son and name him Laurel
    He will have long curly blonde hair and piercing green eyes. He will be gentle and soft and play the harp or the lire. He will recite poetry and swim in the ocean.
  12. I love Brussels sprouts
  13. I want a hairless cat
  14. I drank bong water once
  15. I generally find I can't trust girls named "Claire" or "Amy"
  16. My favorite drink is a gin and tonic
  17. I don't trust guys with two first names
  18. I have an irrational fear of having a fish hook lodged in my face
  19. I'm a vegetarian
  20. I played dungeons and dragons a lot in elementary school