I had so many dreams. They're all dashed to pieces against the rocky walls of my cynicism and inactivity now but once, I had dreams...
  1. Veterinarian
    I thought they just pet dogs, wore long coats and smiled a lot. I was horrified when I learned what "bobbing" was.
  2. Actress
    I watched a lot of old TV from the 60s and I wanted to be Eva Gabor.
  3. Poet
    I thought I could be Allen Ginsberg and write about the best minds and madness and destruction and the interminable darkness and hopeless wanting, searching desperately for some way out from under the oppressive gloom and neon lights and the quiet faces of the broken cosmos... But then I remembered that somehow I have to feed myself and pay rent.
  4. Alive
    Now I just want to stick around. No specific dreams. Just figure it out and stay here.