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  1. i got whole seasons behind
  2. i don't care about any of the characters anymore
  3. i hate using death as a plot point over and over and over
    it's really repetitive!!!!!
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  1. bad feminist by roxanne gay
    if you like feminist think pieces you'll love this! i hated the first essay though, i was so bored with it i almost quit it but then i thought "in not being graded in this, i can skip it" and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the book.
  2. emma by jane austen
    i'm reading this for the first time ever and i like it a lot. i like that jane didn't make emma likable as much as she made her really interesting.
  3. a tree grows in brooklyn by betty smith
    francie nolan is my favorite fictional girl ever. (sorry hermione!) this is one of my all time favorite novels.
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happy photos of a generally unhappy summer
  1. fred dying
    the grief is so palatable and real, i love the weasley's so damn much
  2. the way all of harry's fellow gryffindor yearmates don't ever hesitate to fight to the death for him
    he's never been a guy to have a lot of close friends outside ron and hermione, but the fact that dean, seamus, neville, parvati, and lavender all are right at his side ready to fight is so fucking beautiful
  3. luna, ernie and seamus sending off patronuses when harry, ron and hermione can't.
    and luna encouraging them, reminding him that they were still fighting...isn't luna wonderful
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i'm listening to the radio in my grandma's kitchen because it's too too too quiet here and the DJ has literally no rules his playlists are all over the place, like playing someone's itunes on shuffle
  1. purple haze by jimi hendrix
  2. psycho killer by the talking heads
    great song to play on guitar hero
  3. positively 4th street by bob dylan
    one of my favorites!
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if i clean them up, maybe i'll publish them....like on a real website. EEEEEEK
  1. the hilarious irony of becoming exactly like your parents
    we're not as unique as we think we are, really. but it's ok.
  2. the us vs the world mentality of teenage girls
  3. how reading harry potter again as an adult helped me understand my own grief better
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  1. i sewed a dress into a kimono
  2. picked some tomatoes
  3. had a bagel for breakfast
    with tomatoes on it...it's very good, try it sometime!!!
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  1. summer is so many possibilities and opportunities
  2. but
  3. i'm just drifting
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inspired by me passionately explaining intersectional feminism to all my best friends boyfriends (somehow i went out on the town with just them but they're my friends too hahaha) and they were shocked and amazed...i'm doing the lord's work
  1. black lives matter movement
  2. feminism as cool and empowering and relevant and INTERSECTIONAL
  3. moana is the best female centric movie disney has ever released
    please ask me why i want to tell you
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my kitty has been extra cute lately (also he's semi trained to be in a leash outside. he's a dummy. there's coyotes.)