they're still my favorites, really
  1. the shins - wincing the night away
    one of dearest friends in the world, bobby, introduced this to me our sophomore year. i had never heard music that was so soft, so pretty, and made me feel valid. we used to sit behind the bleachers and listen to this in my iPod nano, one headphone each and listen and listen and listen and then obsess over those 42 minutes of wonderment.
  2. jack's mannequin - everything in transit
    this is my favorite album of all time, ALL TIME, ALWAYS, FOREVER. it's so emotive and it just sounds like a southern california beach town and home and my teenage years and it still digs it's way in to my heart, i love it so completely.
  3. plans - death cab for cutie
    i used to listen to this every day in eighth grade walking home from school alone and i felt like it understood the loneliness that can only be felt at 13.
  4. pink floyd - the wall
    i grew up on pink floyd, but got really into them at 16, when i was first beginning to be deeply rebellious and a bit of a hellion, really. i used to lay on my floor with my boombox blaring this at midnight, singing along and feeling understood, finally. this album captures the anger and frustration i felt a that time the way nothing else did.
  5. american idiot - green day
    this album introduced me to punk, which has been incredibly influential and informative to me as a human...i found a home in the punk scene of the bay area when i was a scared and lost girl living too far from home, those kids kept me sane.
  6. favorite worst nightmare - arctic monkeys
    their weirdness kept me weird, and reminded me that weirdos are cool and can make it in the world. sometimes i listen to this and remember that.
  7. vampire weekend - vampire weekend
    this was the first band whose career i watched from the beginning. i remember they added everyone who liked (or was friends with i forgot how myspace worked???) the strokes were friends with on myspace and then i read a one inch bit about them in rolling stone magazine and listening to heir music on myspace and then buying their first album on itunes and just everything. i love this so much, still. this list could t be complete without them, one of my top five favorite bands of all time!
  8. blink-182 - enema of state
    this was the first CD i ever bought, i think i was 10?? i just liked it because it was exactly everything my mom hated about music - loud and obnoxious as hell, but i didn't "get" it until i was like...14. but i love everything they've ever put out, they're my favorite favorite band. blink forever.