1. bad feminist by roxanne gay
    if you like feminist think pieces you'll love this! i hated the first essay though, i was so bored with it i almost quit it but then i thought "in not being graded in this, i can skip it" and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the book.
  2. emma by jane austen
    i'm reading this for the first time ever and i like it a lot. i like that jane didn't make emma likable as much as she made her really interesting.
  3. a tree grows in brooklyn by betty smith
    francie nolan is my favorite fictional girl ever. (sorry hermione!) this is one of my all time favorite novels.
  4. once and for all by @sarahdessen
    loved it! i was sad by how much i related to it, the dead boyfriend and all...yeah.
  5. the daughters of juárez by teresa rodriguez
    non fiction? on my reading list? it happens sometimes...this is about the murders that happened in juárez, mexico in the 1990's. it's not a pleasant read, but it's compelling and relevant to my studies and i'm enjoying it for those reasons. but the subject matter is horrendously violent. it's interesting because it's written by a famous journalist from univision - famous enough that i know who she is, and i watch the news in english. it reads like a news story instead of a history book.