1. High school English teacher
    This is the one I'm pursuing because it's safe and I'm scared of the future but I also love the way teenage minds work and I language and English and writing and school.
  2. Nurse
    This was my second college major. I flunked chemistry twice because I didn't care and realized this was not my career path.
  3. Chef
    I love cooking and providing for people and getting experimental in the kitchen and finding 10,000 ways to eat zucchini, my most consumed vegetable besides potatoes.
  4. Protest poet
    Writing feminist poetry and screaming it through a bullhorn still seems like a likely career choice, tbh.
  5. Bookstore/coffee shop owner
    I love books and coffee and savory pastries and quiet oasis' so why not make my own perfect one??? Part of me wants to drop out of college (for the third time!!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!) and do this.