Thoughts on my "authentic self"
  1. Static
    Oh hey, tired looking me. Also, I don't think I've posted a photo on here before.
  2. I want to be authentic without being contrived, and in the world of social media as a platform fame, it's difficult.
  3. MySpace was a hot mess of song lyrics and god awful mirror pictures, but it's authentic! People were themselves on it. Or, enough of themselves.
  4. Today I did my makeup different, it's a little more dramatic for an average Tuesday. But I had the time and the patience, so I did it.
  5. When I wear more makeup than concealer, eight coats of mascara and bronzer I like to take pictures to prove it, just for fun ya know.
  6. But today, I did my makeup nice looking....but I look tired. And kind of sad.
  7. But I am tired and kind of sad. I tried to look cheery and smiley and I literally laughed out loud a little bit so I could take a "happier looking" picture and it was just a fucking farce. I'm not happy looking today. I look tired and sad because I am.
  8. Why is it not okay for me to look that way??! It's how I am today! It's fine! Not every day is a great one!
  9. So today, this is me. Sleep deprived as hell, funny little right cheek dimple, smirking a bit, not quite happy eyes. My eyebrows are messy, my hair is doing its own thing, and I'm wearing a tee shirt.
  10. I have to give myself permission to just exist as I am, and not as an idealized version of me, and this is that permission
  11. Thanks for reading and staring at my average looking mug.
  12. Love ya. 😘