1. stay soft
    being encompassed in grief has made me much fiercer than i used to be.
  2. find balance
    don't be too soft alana, it's too easy to be smashed if you're too soft. but too hard and you'll just crack.
  3. never douse my own fire
    i never want to be codependent, i'd rather exist together than become one huge person beginning to end.
  4. go on a road trip with my best friend with no end time
    why isn't my life a novel where i have all the time and funds in the world?
  5. get stronger under pressure
    i think i do this already
  6. song old one direction in the car
    only my sister will do this with me. and my friend katie. but they live so far away.
  7. learn to stop running away
    whenever i get scared i bolt.
  8. my sister to live near me
    actually i want to live with her again because i miss climbing in her bed when i'm sad and forcing her to listen to me and watch netflix in my laptop