She's a fucking babe and I love her so much that my heart explodes whenever I think about our friendship.
  1. Jessy and I have been friends since we were 12 - half our lives!!!!!!
    We love telling people who meet us that we grew boobs together.
  2. She gets me. She just fucking gets me. We just know how the other feels, and on a rare occasion we don't, I'm never scared to tell her.
    This is big for me, I'm generally an extremely private person.
  3. We scream Something Corporate in my car, to each other.
    Also the Spice Girls because DUH.
  4. I always drive because she's nervous about driving.
    Also I have high control needs and she's a great DJ.
  5. She was my New Years Kiss because who else ahold you start a year with??!
    Your best friend, obviously.
  6. Her boyfriend Jake is super super fun and nice. I third wheel them ALL THE TIME and it's so fun.
  7. We don't judge each other. Our friendship is a beautiful safe judgment feee zone. She knows all the guys I've fucked in the back of my dads car and has never told a soul.
    It's been a lot. HAHAHAHA.
  8. She always texts back, and always is funny.
    Important because I'm needy and I love laughing.
  9. She's just so amazing, I'm so glad she lives down the street.
  10. New Years 2017 aka the cutest photo of us to exist 💕