Aka I'm avoiding grief and finals and work by watching great movies and tv series
  1. Boyhood
    Honestly one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. It didn't feel like anyone was acting, they just became these people and you watched them live and you felt like you were living with them.
  2. Sing Street
    If you like eighties music, you'll love this. It's set in Dublin in the eighties and it's just so heartwarming and witty and a little heartbreaking. Kick ass soundtrack, with a fuzzy feeling at the end.
  3. Lovesick (formerly Scrotal Recall)
    It's equal parts funny and heartbreaking. My best friend lives in Palo Alto and I'm in San Diego and we bitch about these characters CONSTANTLY because they actually make us feel. It's two short seasons, you could honestly binge it all in a single day.
  4. Ali Wong: Baby Cobra
    This comedy special is funny to the point I've re-watched it several times and still peed in my pants laughed at her describing sex with homeless guys. FUCK ITS SO FUNNY
  5. Love Actually
    One of my favorites. 💖
  6. Broadchurch
    I won't shut up about this series BECAUSE IT'S REALLY GOOD. I love dramas and cop stories and this one is really good at getting inside the people involved instead of just the killer.
  7. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    My family watched this on Thanksgiving night and I forgot how much I love it.
  8. Edit: Shameless
    WHY DID NONONE TELL ME IT'S SO GOOD???? I love the extreme dysfunction of the Gallegher clan, and the soundtrack is up my alley