1. i got whole seasons behind
  2. i don't care about any of the characters anymore
  3. i hate using death as a plot point over and over and over
    it's really repetitive!!!!!
  4. the beheading was shocking. the red wedding was horrific. the other deaths were not even surprising anymore.
  5. it's needlessly violent, especially against women
  6. death and destruction with the only reason being "i want power" is overrated and overdone
  7. i like laughing more 🤷🏻‍♀️
  8. every single female character is written by men. YES. THE BOOKS ARE WRITTEN BY A MAN. I AM NOT BLIND. however, not even having one consulting or part time female writer? then you wonder why you "hate" most of the female characters? it's truly unsurprising to me....it's so sexist. so sexist.