you know when you have the radio on and you get home, but the song is so good you gotta sit in your car and listen to all of it out of respect for ART
  1. the night we met - lord huron
    one of my favorites since it's been released...i'm a #hip lady what can i say
  2. adam's song - blink-182
    if you listen to the lyrics and don't get a lil sad and want to hug someone you love after then you should listen to this more closely...
  3. chicago- sufjan stevens
    this song makes me feel kim did stirred up, but it's okay. it's a great fucking song.
  4. sleep on the floor - the lumineers
    i don't think this needs an explanation beyond its beautiful.
  5. feel the lightning - dan deacon
  6. do i wanna know? - the arctic monkeys
    this song brings me back to a certain time with a certain boy and it ended bad but it's ok because we had some really joyous times and it just is ok. ok? ok.
  7. from eden - hozier
    this song just makes me cry
  8. people - awolnation
    some songs just feel like the way you did when you were 16 and drive alone for the first time and this is what it feel like
  9. despacito - luis fonsi y daddy yankee
    this song is the best jam about wanting to have sex on the dance floor because you're THAT attracted to each other. it's 🔥🌶🌶🌶