1. read something that isn't a @sarahdessen novel (or harry potter again)
    i mean. i'll read a few. but gotta read other things too, right?? (hi sarah, plead know you're my favorite american author and i met you on your saint anything book tour and cried)
  2. go to the beach even if there's a or of tourists
    i have my spots tourists don't like. i'll never tell.
  3. spend time with my friends
    lots of time. they love you.
  4. work as much as possible
    my credit card bill is no joke
  5. be healthier
    don't treat my body like garbage. eat a damn vegetable every day. stop subsisting off sour patch kids, hot cheetos and diet coke and wonder why you feel like death.
  6. hike more
    it's my favorite kind of exercise, and i have the equipment!!! i have good boots and socks and a backpack with a 3L water pouch and access to some of the most beautiful hikes in southern california...
  7. learn how to ride a bike
    hi, i'm alana, i will be 25 at the end of summer, and i can not ride a bike. please help.