this sounds weird but roll with me
  1. i have naturally very curly hair, my ringlets spring when i style them.
  2. everyone in my life - friends, teachers, my family, my girl scout leaders, my dance mamas - LOVED my hair
  3. i hated it as a kid. i didn't know how to style it (my mom has very straight hair naturally) so she it looked AWFUL.
  4. it was constantly so frizzy and puffy and i didn't know what to do with it so i wore it in a ponytail or braided pigtails as a little kid, but sometimes i wore it down, when my mom begged.
  5. when i wore it down, everyone always TOUCHED it. i didn't like being touched as a kid, and it freaks me out when strangers touch me still, especially my hair.
  6. in middle school i wore an ugly uniform, boys clothes, i would just put my hair in a ponytail and ignore it, except for dance classes, it was in a slicked up bun.
  7. when i was a freshman, taylor swift's teardrops on my guitar EXPLODED into popularity. (i saw it on MTV on a saturday morning before ballet class).
  8. watching that music video was the first time i saw curly hair that was pretty and styled that looked like mine (i was born a blonde).
  9. it was crazy, the concept that my hair could be pretty and not a nuisance to my existence?
  10. after class that day, i scoured seventeen and teen vogue at my friend preiscilla's house since i wasn't allowed fashion magazines at home (it was 2006!) to figure out how to style my hair.
  11. i begged my mom for herbal essences hair gel and mousse and i put it on my wet hair and it was like MAGIC. (i still use it, it smells SO intoxicatingly sweet and now it's my signature smell)
  12. i went to school that monday and my hair was BOUNCY and CURLY not frizzy, i felt so cute! boys looked at me and liked me!
  13. i could swing it over my shoulders, my ponytail swung and bounced when i walked. it was like a dream come true to my 14 year old self.
  14. girls with hair is always envied, smooth and sleek from their chi flat irons told me they were jealous of my hair.
  15. i wanted to cry, because those girls had made fun of my fuzzy ponytail the week before.
  16. they said "your hair looks just like taylor swifts!" and they all started to try and curl their hair.
  17. as anyone with straight hair knows, it's hard to curl your hair and have it be curly.
  18. suddenly, the girls who i'd envied, with smooth sleek hair, i didn't know what to feel.
  19. i just kept wearing my hair curly. so did taylor, the entire time i was in high school.
  20. she started straightening it later on, and i always wondered why....didn't she understand how important her curls were to me??!!
  21. she's worn her hair straight r wavy since the red era, roughly... 2012?
  22. five yeas is a long relationship with your flatiron.
  23. then, today, this video of her congratulating the basketball mvp pops up online.
  24. her hair is curly. natural curls, not curling iron curls.
  25. it made me feel the same happiness that 14 year old me felt seeing her curly hair and knowing i could be pretty too.
  26. 💕💕💕💕