1. One of best work friends died.
    Best work friend = good friend.
  2. He was found face down in the river near my house, after being hit by a car.
    Literally the saddest place to die...alone in a river of sewage from homeless encampments.
  3. I'm so so so so fucking sad.
  4. He made my shitty, awful retail job in which I used to cry in the bathroom during my lunchbreak way more tolerable and sometimes even fun.
  5. He always greeted me with a hug and a dark, twisted, sick and hilarious joke.
  6. I'll miss our hipster coffee shop adventures.
    I had a really big crush on him and never did anything about it. It's literally too late to ever say anything that I haven't already said.
  7. Life is awfully unfair.
  8. I'll miss you very much.
    I love you.