it's all good can you tell i'm stressing over finals
    the ones from sprouts are the best bc they're way spicier than trader joe's AND the package is like three times as big
  2. coffee
    my love, my lifeblood
  3. diet coke
    better than coke zero because it doesn't make me crave sweets as much
  4. online window shopping
    my asos shopping cart has 766 dollars worth of clothes in it. all dresses and flowy tops and ripped jeans, i am an on brand san diegan
  5. chamangos
    it's basically a bunch of tropical fruit and chamoy and smoothie in a cup the best ones are in mexico but national city and old chula have good ones!!!!
  6. flaming hot cheetos with chamoy and lemon
    you gotta eat them really fast or else they get mushy.
  7. chamoy
    writing this list makes me realize there is a common denominator here. it's basically just sauce - but it's spicy, savory, and a lil salty and a lil sweet. tastes good on everything, and is far superior to sriracha
  8. cucumbers
    i eat like one a day is that normal (i also don't slice them, i eat them like a banana) (put chamoy on this, or pick de gallo)
  9. fig flavored goat cheese
    on crusty wheat toast and butter uuggghhh
  10. tacos al pastor
    lebanese immigrants to mexico invented these - imagine a gyro and a taco had a pork baby, and put pineapple salsa in it. AMAZING.
  11. thrifting
    won't stop buying dresses and cute tank tops
  12. rose gold things
    li'm trying really hard to find a pair of rose gold fake birkenstocks because i wear a lot of blue and black and white and i want something. more summery than black without changing my entire wardrobe because
  13. tostilocos
    okay tortilla chips + jicama + cucumber + valentina hot sauce + lime + chamoy + salt = worth sinning for
  14. tacos
    the only junk food TRULY worth every calorie tbh.
  15. tiny desk concerts
    bob boilen is on my thankfulness list
  16. liquid eyeliner
    i switched from gel and i love the effect of gel but liquid is fast and i bought waterproof so my eyes can water all day and it's not smeared at all!!!
  17. halsey
    damn i'm so gay