1. lucy moon
    she's kind of arty, kind of reflective, and generally just seems like a really cool gal. she does this series called 168 hours that's a cool concept vlog, as a week of her life.
  2. sunbeamsjess
    she has great book recommendations, and cool style videos.
  3. call me ishmael
    this is a cool concept!! people call a phone number and leave a voicemail about a book they love and why it's important to them. so cool.
  4. BENI
    this is a collective channel that's all about muslim identity, diaspora, etc. it's so cool. it's SO artistic, fuck. i love everything they make.
  5. lily melrose
    she has my FAVORITE style videos ever, she's curvy and doesn't make a big deal of it. she doesn't follow fashion rules, but doesn't wear things that are unflattering and i love it.
  6. nathan zed
    he's just cool and interesting and has great social commentary.
  7. supersamstuff
    such an interesting mix of social commentary videos, as well as shirt films. he just posted one called comfort food that i love!
  8. grace helbig
    comedy QUEEN. she remind me of chelsea handler in a way that she's fiercely independent and very funny.
  9. mamrie hart
    i want her to be my big sister/best friend. she's great. the funniest woman in the internet.
  10. akilah obviously
    another great comedian! she does a lot of social commentary type comedy and it reminds me of SNL - the same balance of dryness and obviousness.
  11. dodie
    i'm just gay for her that's all.
  12. just between us
    they really get what it's like to be neurotic jewish 20 something like nail on the head every time. gaby and allison are brilliant writers as well!
  13. khanstopme
    i binge watched 15 of his videos and everything he posts is so good! lots of puns/social commentary and some random dancing videos??