1. Pouring the perfect amount of ketchup for all your fries.
    Pouring too much feels wasteful and having to pour more with salty, oily fingers isn't ideal.
  2. Finding parking in LA.
    I definitely do a couple fist pumps when this happens.
  3. Reading all the parking signs and walking away confident you won't be ticketed or towed.
    I always feel like I've won the lottery when this happens.
  4. Making lists while sitting in a shit ton of traffic.
    Self explanatory and highly recommended but only when a passenger.
  5. Smiling at the guy crossing the street in front of you and him smiling back.
    Not in a creepy, "how you doing" kind of way. Just in a that was a nice momentary positive connection kind of way. I find the reciprocal smiles are few and far between.
  6. Realizing you DIDN'T eat all the ice cream the night before. 🍦🍦
    More fist pumps.
  7. Forgetting to set a timer for your cookies but remembering to check on them at the exact right moment.
    So rare and so awesome.
  8. Making the perfect bite (you know that bite with a little bit of everything) then feeding it to your boyfriend.
    So gratifying to watch someone else enjoying it--everyone should try this.
  9. Coming home after being gone for an hour to a completely ecstatic dog.
    Completely worth that morning workout.