As requested by @lilydiamond and I'm so grateful for that.
  1. Vienna loves cake. 🎂🎂🎂
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    And could also join the circus if she wanted to. Girlfriend's got moves.
  2. And cupcakes.
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    And apparently birthdays and candles.
  3. She's great at digging holes.
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    Just say the word and she'll dig a hole just for you.
  4. She's a fan of color.
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    And sweaters.
  5. And stripes.
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    She actually has the hoodie in multiple colors. She knows how to dress for her body type.
  6. She's completely unafraid of taking fashion risks.
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    Sometimes they pay off.
  7. She knows when to throw in the towel and admit defeat.
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    This look did not work.
  8. Vienna never has bad hair days
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    She even makes helmet hair look good.
  9. She's the ultimate desk buddy.
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    Work will never be the same again.
  10. If there's a fire truck, ambulance, or police vehicle, she'll let you know.
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    She's got your back.
  11. And pie, don't forget the pie.
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    I miss this dog! I still talk about how fabulous her name is. Hope you're well!
    Suggested by @Mel