Because America.
  1. Napped in my bathing suit on a bunk bed sans fitted sheet.
  2. Spilled a tall boy of Budweiser all over the dock.
  3. Patted my sun kissed paunch after too many ruffles.
  4. Wore vans without socks.
  5. Held hands with another girl so our inner tubes wouldn't drift apart.
  6. Listened to fire crackling and rain falling and Miley Cyrus singing.
  7. Thought about last July 4th when we spent hundreds for you to visit so we could go to that BBQ together. And how I used the cold weather as an excuse to sit inside alone. And how that's when I knew it was over, even though we would wait another season to say it out loud.
  8. Refused to take off American flag leggings.