1. okay that dog never got that big
  2. Like if you had a dog that was pregnant with 101 dogs then that dog would be HUGE
  3. Wouldn't you freak out if your dog very rapidly got enormous and you thought she was pregnant???
  4. Like what if it were tumour??
  5. Wouldn't you take that dog to the vet???
  6. And the vet would tell you "lol there's 101 pups in there"
  7. ABORT
  8. I mean seriously
  9. Or like reduce the amount or whatever they can do
  10. That's 101 pups!!!!
  11. They won't stay as puppies forever!
  12. Did you see Pongo and Perdita???
  13. They are adult sized dogs!!!
  14. Dogs get big fast!!
  15. There are going to be 101 more adult sized dogs in that house
  16. Wall to wall dogs
  17. No escape
  18. You will never be alone
  19. Hope you live in a fuckin mansion because if you live in a single bedroom flat then where the fuck are the dogs gonna go???
  20. And dogs don't know that they're siblings!!!
  21. (Do they???)
  22. Let's say 50 of those dogs are female
  23. And because apparently extreme multiple births run in the family
  24. Those dogs each have 101 pups themselves
  26. NOOOOO
  27. I think what I'm trying to say is be responsible
  28. Get your dogs spayed and neutered