You can thank the new update for reminding me of this
  1. 1 PR0848LY 0NLY 4C71V3LY U53D MY 4CC0UN7 FR0M 480U7 M1D-2006 UN71L 7H3 83G1NN1NG 0F 2008,
  2. 8U7 7H4NK5 70 7H47 73RR18LY 5C3N3 71M3 1N MY L1F3, 1 W1LL N0W F0R3V3R 83 48L3 70 R34D 7H15 H0R535H17 1337 5P33K G4R84G3
  3. 4ND Y35, 1 4M V3RY 4W4R3 7H47 1 W45 4 G4R84G3 733N4G3R
  4. PL3453 D0N'7 3V3R 8R1NG 7H15 84CK