It's possible that this is more information than anyone would ever need to know about my body
  1. The skin on my puku is so milky white and silky smooth, sometimes I just rub my belly because of how soft it is
  2. I have a tiny scar at the base of my thumb, right where my hand turns to wrist and it's a perfect 5mm white stripe.
    I think it's from surgery as a baby but I'm not sure
  3. I have lines across my neck that I'm beginning to love
  4. My hair falls in very tight tendrils at the base of my neck, and they always hang out when I put my hair up
  5. This is my view of a tattoo I have at the top of my right thigh
    lol I'm a fat girl cliche
  6. I have a scar that runs from my sternum between my breasts up to just below my collar bone and it's slightly off centre, and used to always throw me off when I wore something low cut
  7. My fringe is cut in a triangle shape
    Bangs for all of you who aren't from New Zealand (aka all of you)
  8. I have a scar that runs from the top of my right shoulder blade and curves down under my right armpit and stops along my right breast
  9. My legs are covered in blonde hair and it feels glorious when then wind whips through them
  10. I pat my own butt constantly
  11. My puku and waist are covered in slowly fading stretch marks
  12. And it's all mine. Because my body belongs to me, and me alone.
  13. And I'm cute forever, basically