ok I don't know who the OG lister is on either of these?
  1. I am a fat Pākehā girl from New Zealand (Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud, arse end of the world etc.)
  2. I like body positivity (especially, but not limited to, fat positivity), glitter, burgers, pigtails, swimming, intersectional feminism, reading, patches, and shamelessly captioning my instagram posts with 'I'm the cutest girl you'll ever meet'.
    I also like more than this but I am at work and can't spend too much time thinking bout it. Instagram is @alanarogerrrrs if you give a fuck.
  3. I am mad often.
  4. Ok do it now ask me shit
  5. What kind of patches do you like?
    Suggested by @Boogie
  6. @Boogie basically anything cute as fuck!! I've bought a bunch from an artist called Sugarbones in the past but my all time fave is Ziero Muko who made all of these ones!!!!
  7. Ok the Goonies. Yeah I would be that weird 24-year-old hanging out with a bunch of kids and probably hitting on young Josh Brolin (in my head he is 18 and it is fine plz I know I'm awful I've had a crush on him since I was 8) and the Fratellis wouldn't scare me at all, because I would absolutely take a weapon with me into a weird cave.
    Plus my overalls have sooooo many pockets for hiding One-Eyed Willie's treasure, and I am totally not above tucking some rubies into mother nature's velvety pink pocket ✌️
  8. This one is really hard because I love a lot of books but I'm gonna name the most recent book I read. I've never read anything like it. Miranda July is incredible, that's all I'm gonna say.
  9. What's the biggest misconception about New Zealand?
    Suggested by @edge
  10. That we are 'sheep shaggers'. I know literally no-one who has ever fucked a sheep.
  11. who's your style icon?
    Suggested by @exo
  12. A combination of Fran Fine, Claudia Kishi and Enid from Ghostworld
  13. I have to say cereal because I rarely ever buy milk.
  14. Are donuts the same in NZ as they are in the USA? Have you ever been to the USA to know?
    Don't base American donuts off of The Simpsons, please.
    Suggested by @pili_ervin
  15. I have never been to America but I can guarantee they are way shittier here. We only have Dunkin Donuts in ONE CITY IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY and in my town we only have Donut King which is fine if you just need a shitty donut but it's super bready. We do not have stores that only sell donuts either, literally those two are all we have.
    However, we have bakeries that sell jam and cream donuts which is like a long, deep-fried, filled roll, with fresh cream and jam in it, and either cinnamon sugar or icing sugar on top and I grew up on them. In the 90s/early 2000s you could get them for lunch in schools. I follow a bunch of Sydney-based donuts instagram accounts and salivate constantly.